New Documentary on Dolphin Intelligence now in production

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Dolphin Intelligence´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐

Through interviews, animation and underwater footage this film will explore the possibility that dolphins' intelligence may be superior to our own. The film will hypothesize that our own limited intelligence and human-centric orientation may prevent us from recognizing the true intelligence of other species in much the same way that 19th century western science failed to recognize the intelligence and worth of non-western cultures. Research of dolphins will be cited comparing dolphin brain size and development to that of humans. Comparisons to human society and behavior with that of dolphin behavior will suggest some unsettling possibilities. Could dolphins be more socially well-adjusted and intelligent as a species, than Homo sapiens?

surface breech

Several individuals have already contributed their talents to this documentary. Stunning underwater scenes of Bottlenose Dolphins photographed in the Gulf of Mexico by Denis Richard of Water Planet will be included in the documentary.  Music by Richard Houghten, an accomplished experimental musician, has been contributed to the project. Houghten's music has a haunting quality somewhat reminiscent of dolphin and whale songs. Some beautiful 2-D animation is currently being created by Candice DiCiano to illustrate the basic process of echolocation and the 2 types of sonar that dolphins use: long-wave length to get a general view of their surroundings, and short wavelength to resolve details of objects.

candice animation still

Click Here to find out how you can participate in the making of this documentary!